Meet the mark 3

Meet the mark 3
With the impending release of the mark3 BODbx, we thought it'd be helpful to dive into three of it's greatest features:

1. Bespoke workouts: the BODbx uses artificial intelligence to design a perfect workout for you based on details about you, your previous training sessions, and access to equipment.

2. Movement tracking: facial recognition allows BODbx to follow you during your workouts and track millions of data points from each of your joints.

3. Movement analysis: the data BODbx collects is used to compare your movement to perfect form. It can then tell you where you should be correcting your movement, provide measurements of your quality, and creates a dashboard with a plethora of training data (velocities, reps, measures of fatigue, and more).

Stay tuned as we continue to release information prior to our first shipment in March.

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